With the novel coronavirus pandemic affecting the globe, the new normal comes with a new agenda of following things the new way. It has been more than five months since the nationwide lockdown was announced. Gradually, things are opening up with a capacity constraint. While the business owners are eager to reopen, customers are equally awaited to feel the gist of the life before the pandemic era.

If you’re ready to reopen your businesses, here’s a quick checklist of best public health practices to ensure maximum safety and longevity of your business.

Whether you’re a restaurant that was temporarily shut or an office premises that welcomes a limited number of people, certain tasks must be performed to run your services with all precautionary measures.

Make a roadmap and follow it before you start. Let us help you with the same.

1. Target a reopening date:

With the reopening guidelines differing geographically, decide a date well in advance to get back to business. Adhering to your state/city guidelines, you can allot timelines to fulfill tasks before you welcome back the crowd.

2. Review your current hygiene stock:

In the current light of situations, people will look for safety first everywhere. Make sure to review your hygiene stock – products proven to kill Covid-19 germs such as sanitizers, masks, tissues, disposable napkins, and so on. Keep a little time in your hand to figure out what else you need to add on to the list.

3. Conduct staff training:

Your employees must adjust to the new way of working. Give your staff or employees a step-by-step training on how to maintain utmost hygiene. This may include arriving early and staying back late to clean up before you can welcome the customers. Make flow charts or email them a detailed guide of practices to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

4. Make thorough cleaning a routine:

Skipping a day of ‘deep cleaning’ is equivalent to inviting trouble. Focus on upper surfaces like door knobs, elevator buttons, registers, landline phones, and more. They are at high risk of spreading the infection.

5. Install hand sanitizers and wipe stations:

Alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfectant wipes act as a saviour. Make sure to have them handy all the time. Whenever every walk-in customer and your staff uses them, we fight a little more with Covid-19.

6. Implement social distancing safeguards:

Social distancing is the new normal. Ensure to keep distance between two people by marking squares at a two feet distance. Adhere to your state government policies and limit the occupancy to minimum walk-ins.

7. Strategies for staff:

Ensure the following habits –

– Timely hand wash
– PPE kits if required
– Physical distancing
– Travel allowances

Coronavirus has bought a new normal with it. Reopening and running of businesses will also have a new way to it. By following these rules and regulations, you can ensure a successful business.