Buzil Rossari is a service driven company and offers highly concentrated products thereby adding value to their customers and reducing the cost associated with

● Lesser inventory

● Lower transportation cost

● Lower usage of energy in production

● Significant water savings

● Lower chemical usage

Our services include auditing, survey of the areas/properties to be cleaned and then providing quality solutions, training and consultancy for our customers. Tailor made solutions are prepared by the team of highly qualified technicians and engineers considering the substrate, water quality, machine configuration and need of the customer. For demo of our products kindly click on the link given below and our sales and service experts will visit you for the same.

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Buzil Rossari offers remarkable & sustainable products and cleaning solutions for their customers in the following sectors:

● Commercial & Retail Laundry
– Tunnel Laundry
– Wash Extractors
– Retail Laundry

● Food/Kitchen Hygiene & Safety
– Kitchen Hygiene
– Automatic Dish Washing
– Fryers/Oven
– Food Safety

● Surface Cleaning/Housekeeping
– Carpet Care
– Metal Cleaning
– Glass Cleaning
– Multipurpose Surface Cleaners
– Wood Care

● Personal Hygiene
– Hand Sanitizer
– Hand Soap
– Skin Care products

● Sanitary Room Solutions
– Deodorizer
– WC, Floors & Surface Cleaners

Disinfectant products for Critical & Non-Critical Areas
– Cleaning & Sanitizing
– Critical Area Disinfection
– Non-Critical Area disinfection
– FDA Certification

● Specialized Floor Care

● Industrial Cleaning

● Mops & Tools

● Products under Private Label

● List of Products – Segment wise with Colour Codes

● Product Data Sheets