The Buzil-Rossari products portfolio is made up of a vast range of products for professional industrial cleaning. Each of our products are clearly colour-coded and assigned to a specific segment of application. Buzil-Rossari offers the trademarks Buz®, Ross, Rosa, Optiflor®, Bucalex®, Bucasan®, Budenat®, Corridor®, Erolcid®, Erol®, Planta®, Polybuz, Indumaster®, Stainfree etc. owned by BUZIL-WERK Wagner GmbH & Co. KG and Rossari Biotech Limited.

The detailed product portfolio can be downloaded by sending the request to the marketing team of Buzil Rossari on the email The brand offers great price to performance viability and excellent service and support system in addition to the superior know-how in the field of Cleaning, Hygiene, Laundry, Food Safety, Disinfection, Floor Care & Coatings and Personal Hygiene. The recent addition to the brand is Microfibre Mops and Tools which offers great cleaning results when used in conjunction with Buzil Rossari Cleaning Chemicals.