The core of a child’s development is a school. A classroom full of knowledge and learning is where young minds are moulded to shape a better future. However, the current state of pandemic has brought a standstill to functioning of schools and classrooms and has forced virtual learning.

However, with relaxations being given in different states and cities, schools and colleges are reopening. If you are into the education business and reopening schools, colleges, or classes, here are some hygiene essentials of maintaining a clean classroom:

1. Disinfect desks and shared surfaces:

Surfaces that are prone to human touch the most are highly at risk. Make sure to disinfect and sanitise desks, benches, boards, door knobs, and all of such surfaces before starting the classrooms.

2. Dust cabinets and shelves:

Even though they’re not used much, a basic cleaning and decontamination is always recommended. Dust and clean them with a microfiber towel or vacuum the empty spaces.

3. Mop the floors:

Mop and clean the floors with a floor disinfectant. Carpets and floors carry four times the dirt and germs. Prior to vacuuming, open up the windows to avoid suffocation.

4. Clean the sinks and washrooms:

If the classroom contains a wash sink or a washroom, clean it at regular intervals with a Covid-19 repellant disinfectant. Spraying is not enough. Sanitation is extremely essential.

Ensure to take all these precautions and you can promote a safe and hygienic classroom environment. If you are still skeptical of how to decontaminate a classroom, contact our experts to know more.