The outbreak of Covid-19 has wreaked havoc across the globe with a prime focus on health and safety of the people. With this, awareness on the importance of food safety is high on the rise bringing the aspect of food safety on the forefront. Our basic survival depends on the consumption of food but the food we eat needs to be of highest standard and quality in terms of hygiene as it makes or breaks our health.

As we enter in the post COVID new normal world, professionals in the food production and packaging units, hotels and restaurants, organizations etc. are seeking for ways to regulate, monitor and prevent any risk that can be associated with lack of food safety for their patrons.

Even a minute contamination in food can be very unpleasant and result in adverse reactions from minor stomach ache to major health problems. Hence it is crucial to adopt the best hygiene and safety practices in order to produce healthy and nutritious food in a sustainable and ethical way.

To achieve this, the main priority is to keep the virus out of the food environment. Buzil Rossari has a range of professional infection control solution products that are produced keeping all the guidelines in mind to ensure safety of vegetables and fruits and also the food preparation areas. Ross Tab BR 504 is a disinfectant tablet for sanitization of fruits and vegetables. Thoroughly cleaning raw vegetables and fruits before cooking with this product reduces the number of microorganisms present on them. Apart from improving the safety and quality, it also increases the product’s shelf life and keeps it fresh for longer. Ross Tab has a versatile number of applications and can also be used for cleaning of utensils, crockery, glassware, kitchen floor and tiles etc.

There are several other key measures that need to be taken in order to ensure food safety. Some of them are:
Wear masks/gloves: It is very important for all staff to compulsorily wear masks and gloves while preparing the food as well as serving. This is one of the basic safety measures which cannot be compromised with.

Cleaning and Sanitization: To ensure food safety in the post COVID era and continue the new normal, it is must to upgrade cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of high touch points, surfaces and surrounding in food preparation areas etc. Alcohol based disinfectants containing ethanol and propanol in concentration of 70% is suggested to be effective. ROSS Clean Advanced is a highly concentrated solution for one step cleaning and disinfection of equipments, floors and walls in highly sensitive areas, especially kitchens.

Educating Staff on Protection: All staff engaged in food preparation, packaging, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias etc. must be educated with all hygiene measures and be provided with essential facilities. They must also keep note on maintaining physical distancing as mentioned in WHO guidelines.
Frequent Hand Washing: Stressing again on the importance of clean hands, anyone involved in the preparation or serving of food must wash their hands in frequent intervals with a good hand wash to kill microorganisms. Ross Aqua AB is a unique product from Buzil Rossari that is highly recommended for the hospitality sector. It is a fragrance free antimicrobial hand wash liquid that is quickly effective.

Maintaining food safety is essential to maintain health and safety of all people. Buzil Rossari has a range of advanced hygiene and sanitization solutions that can ensure safety of food in post COVID times. All our products are FDA approved and follows prescribed norms.