Complete cleaning of your office or commercial space looks like a very hectic task and has a lot of things to cover. In order to maintain workplace hygiene and ensure the safety of the employees, it is needed to pay attention to even the minute details. There are a lot of products and cleaning procedures to follow that every organization needs to prepare a checklist. A clean environment at the workplace ensures to protect the health and well-being of the staff and employees and also boosts the productivity of the organization.

Following is a basic checklist of office items that every organization need to follow for commercial/industrial cleaning:
– Stain and spot remover
– Disinfectant wipes
– Floor cleaning solution
– Kitchen cleaners (scrubbers, disinfectants)
– Toilet cleaners
– Wood polish

After you have procured the right materials, it is time to work on a proper cleaning schedule to maintain regular cleaning. While some cleaning tasks can be taken up on a daily basis, some tasks need to be done on a weekly or fortnightly basis as they may require more resources or time.

Daily Cleaning Routine
Offices and other commercial spaces carry a lot of germs and bacteria as it is used by multiple people, so it is essential to undertake daily cleaning activities on all the commonly used areas with the use of the cleaning supplies.

– Use a disinfectant for doorknobs, light/ac switches, faucets, refrigerator handles, shelves, desks, drawers etc.
– Vacuum clean the carpet or mop hardwood floor
– Wipe and dust electronic devices. Use a screen-friendly spray for desktops/laptops etc.
– Wipe the glass surfaces like windows, doors, desk partitions with a glass cleaner
– Clean and sanitize kitchen area and accessories like cutlery
– Disinfect kitchen sink

Weekly Cleaning Routine
Some cleaning tasks need not be done on daily basis but they should be undertaken at least on a weekly basis. Here are few tasks that should be generally included in the weekly cleaning schedule.
– Use disinfection for cleaning flat surfaces such as desks, tables thoroughly
– Deep clean walls and other areas with visible marks or stains
– Clean all the equipments in the reception, restroom, lunchroom, meeting area
– Vacuum and clean every piece of furniture in the space

Other tasks that need to be done are some things like replacing the filters of the HVAC vents, vacuum cleaning of all chairs, polishing of cabinets, shelves, buffing of hard floors etc. Buzil-Rossari is a leading provider of advanced cleaning and disinfection solutions that can assist with commercial/industrial cleaning. We ensure to conduct a complete audit of the area and accordingly provide customized cleaning solutions suggested by highly qualified technical experts.

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