Cleaning is an essential regime that is required to be followed everywhere from home, office, factory, restaurant, healthcare to maintain a safe and healthy environment. A clean and well-maintained environment reduces the risk of the spread of infections and keeps a check on the onset of diseases. While most of us do regular cleaning that keeps a place superficially clean, it is not always enough. 

The cleaning that is done regularly mostly takes care of the outer whitish layer of dust that settles on the surfaces, floor, furniture and other items. Deep dust, germs, bacteria are often not visible to the naked eye and require more than regular cleaning to eliminate them. This is where deep-cleaning comes in. 

Deep cleaning requires the help of professional cleaning services. However, before hiring, you need to know and understand in detail about regular cleaning and deep cleaning and do they differ from each other. Read on to know in detail about the two types of cleaning. 

What is Regular Cleaning?
Regular cleaning refers to dusting and sweeping which most people do daily. It helps to maintain a good level of cleanliness and keeps the area neat. However, this does not necessarily mean that all the germs and bacteria from the floor, surfaces, windows etc. are wiped out completely.

Regular cleaning tasks usually include things like:

– Regular dusting 
– Wiping countertops/windows 
– Removing clutter
– Cleaning bathroom – sink, toilet, etc. 
– Sweeping the floor 

This type of cleaning activity can be done quickly and does not require much time. But it is essential to ensure that everything around you is clean and organized. 

What is Deep Cleaning?
Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning as it is not done daily but once in a while depending upon the space, area and requirement. It simply means an intensive form of cleaning that is required to be done at least once every quarter. Deep cleaning as the name suggests goes deep into every aspect of cleaning and ensures that every strain of dirt and grime is removed. 

It is a time-consuming and labour-intensive job and also requires technical expertise to know the correct dosage and applications of every product that is used. Hence it is done by professional cleaning service providers only. 

Deep cleaning mostly involves the following:

– Floor cleaning keeping aside all furniture/appliances/equipments 
– Washing countertops and cleaning build-up of dust 
– Vacuum cleaning and mopping 
– Cleaning surfaces with disinfectants 
– Sanitization of toilets 

The most important aspect of deep cleaning is the products used in the process and its right applications. Buzil-Rossari provides a range of advanced cleaning and disinfection solutions that can ensure effective deep cleaning at all places. Our services include auditing, a survey of the areas/properties to be cleaned and then provide them with quality solutions with training and consultancy for our customers. We provide customized solutions that are prepared by our team of highly qualified technicians and engineers considering the viability and need of the customer.

We offer cleaning solutions for the following sectors: 

-Surface cleaning/housekeeping
-Kitchen hygiene and safety
-Sanitary room solutions 
-Disinfection for critical & non-critical areas
-Industrial cleaning 

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