Buzil Rossari The food production industry often uses sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals to help kill bacteria and other microorganisms, especially in the food contact surfaces. Food production houses exercise disinfection as a technique to prevent food borne illnesses from occurring. Thus, commercial kitchen cleaning supplies are incredibly important in the food production as they also help out in cross-contamination and keeping up the health standards.

Cleaning and disinfecting in the food industry is a crucial part of the production cycle; these activities can have devastating consequences if not done properly. Both from the basis of being able to deliver and guarantee a safe product. However, it is not an easy task. Appropriate usages of restaurant & hotel kitchen cleaners not only keep the kitchens and other premises of hotels spotless, but they leave an impact that makes the guests come back again.

There have been studies which stated that 80% of diseases occur due to the dirty kitchen platform. This leads to the contamination of food. Buzil Rossari offers a single shot solution to the food preparation areas woes. Budenat Combi G451 is a being used at multiple locations to clean and disinfect customers areas. The product is a perfect fit for commercial kitchen cleaning supplies.

Tough oil, protein and starch remain the challenging aspects, layered soil of all these also provide a safe haven for microbes to breed and multiply. So, food preparation and processing areas need to be cleaned and disinfected with a proper schedule to avoid chances of contamination and cross contamination along with proper usage of restaurant & hotel kitchen cleaners. Budenat Combi G 451 is specially formulated product for cleaning of such kitchen remains. Unique emulsifying power.

A major commercial kitchen serving 5000 meals a day had heavy operation hours and climatic conditions owing to great breeding conditions for microbes. The preparations included heavy oil and protein soils. About 10-20ml cleaning dilution of Budenat Combi helped the kitchen steward clean and disinfect the area with ease and speed. Swab tests showed satisfactory results and a single shot solution with cleaning & disinfection effect proved wonders.

• Strong oil-dissolving and grease-dissolving action
• Bactericide and fungicide
• Prevents build-up of limescale
• Eliminates unpleasant kitchen odours

Appearance: Dark Yellow Liquid
Odour: Perfume
pH-value: 13
Density (25 °C): 1,03
Solubility in / miscibility with water: Completely soluble

Areas of Application
• For cleaning and disinfecting
• Alkali-resistant materials,
• Surfaces and floors
• Removes heavy oily and greasy soil
• Especially suitable for disinfection in areas
• Handling animal-based foodstuffs, such as
• Slaughter houses and food processing plants
• As well as in professional kitchens