Calciferous and metamorphic stones are a gift by nature to any real estate developer and facility manager, as they give a right mix of a luxurious and glossy look. This great finish attracts more visitors and guests – be it a shopping complex or a high-end hotel. However, retaining the high gloss and awesome floor look involves tremendous efforts, as these expensive natural stones require proper maintenance and care. And this can be achieved with the right usage of hospitality & hotel cleaning chemicals.

Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd, applauding the efforts of the facility managers, offers them a product that helps maintain floors hassle-free and keep the brilliant shine glowing.

The crystallization action can be equated as a chemical reaction that is initiated through the use of steel wool, special chemical compounds and the basic stone surface which are present in hospitality & hotel cleaning chemicals. The result is a harder, mirror-like, vitrified surface. It allows the floor to continue to “breathe” through microscopic channels of the stone.
The BR203 contains a proprietary formulation which creates a reflective crystal surface on marble. It also creates enhanced colour and density: thus, improving lives of the polished surface and making it surface durable.

• Does not require a long drying period following basic cleaning
• Slip-retardant
• Easy handling
• Enhances the optical appearance and provides long lasting lustre
• Enhances the crystal structure and the brilliancy of the stone
• Enhances the durability of the floor
• Protects against chemical and mechanical damage

Buzil-Rossari is backed by a strong R&D and application team which is equipped with all scientific instruments to do a real-time quantitative analysis of the gloss before and after application of the product. And is the most preferred & trusted name when it comes to professional cleaning solutions.

Marble, Terrazo, Kota and other natural and artificial calciferous tiles require little efforts to be maintained in the right texture and appearance. Professional cleaning solutions like Ross Clarino BR 302 keeps the floor scratch-free, high on gloss and appealing.

Technical Specifications

• Constitution: Special blend of organic acids
• Appearances: Colourless opaque liquid pH 1.0 + 0.5
• Specific Gravity: 1.130 + 0.100
• Miscibility: Miscible in water

For crystallization of smooth calciferous stone floors, such as marble, travertine, Solnhofen slabs, Jurassic limestone and terrazzo.