Pasteurizer Treatment


To guarantee a long shelf life, beer has to contain as little beer spoiling microorganisms as possible. The most reliable method for achieving this objective is the pasteurization of the filled bottle in a tunnel pasteurizer as this process covers the possible risk of contamination in the filling process.

Bottles break in a pasteurizer for various reasons and as these bottles break, slime growth is encouraged due to the cycling up of beer nutrients in combination with the humidity in the cooling and warming sections of the tunnel pasteurizer. The uncontrolled growth of slime in a pasteurizer leads to blocked sprays and blocked pump sieves which disrupts the proper heat transfer process and leads to an increase in bottle breakage as well as lost product costs.

Buzil-Rossari has developed a range of oxidizing as well as non-oxidizing biocides to effectively treat the cooling and warming sections of tunnel pasteurizer to ensure that they stay clean and slime free.

We additionally provide a host of anti-corrosion and anti-scalant additives depending on the specific water qualities encountered on our client’s sites.