Food poisoning is alarmingly common in the modern world. Contaminated with bacteria, viruses and toxins, the symptoms can be very unpleasant ranging from mild stomach upset too long term health problems and even death in rare cases. However, contamination can be reduced with the use of appropriate hospitality sanitation chemicals.
Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd’s Ross Tab is a concentrated tablet for disinfection of vegetables. Washing raw vegetable with Ross Tab reduces the number of microorganisms present on them. Buzil Rossari is a trusted partner for providing professional cleaning solutions.

1. Rinse vegetables with water.
2. Prepare a solution of one tablet in 15lt water ensuring tablet is completely dissolved before use.
3. Immerse the vegetables in the solution for at least five minutes.

It is a very common challenge to monitor the chlorine concentration of water before sanitizing the vegetables. In such cases, a dedicated container or basin with accurately measured water levels in multiples of 15lt and the tablets dissolved well as per the total volume of water could be used.

Care must be taken in the contact time of the solution with soiled vegetables. If the solution stays in contact with the equipment for more time, it may result in surface corrosion. Due to quick action and evaporation on exposure, it is safe to be used on any type of surface, including Aluminum.

Ross Tab is designed to kill a wide range of microorganisms. It improves not only the safety and quality but also the product’s shelf-life.

1. Appearance: White Tablet
2. Tablet Weight: 2.00gm +/- 5.0%
3. Ph- Value (1%Solution): 6.0 Typical
4. Available Chlorine In gm/Tablet: 0.7237 gm