Bathrooms are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria leading to diseases. Moisture and humidity play an important role in our daily life but can play havoc with the sanitary ware as they get exposed to corrosion and exposed deterioration which is not good for a long time. It is essential to ensure to wipe the bathroom floor dry to prevent slipping and falling with an appropriate industrial floor cleaner or industrial cleaning services.

Further hard water can quickly build up on faucets, showers, sinks and toilets, and over time can leave rust and scale stains that are difficult to clean. In addition, most sanitary wares are made of porcelain, which is prone to picking up these stains and holding onto them.

Buzil Rossari Pvt Limited’s Bucal C 465 daily sanitary cleaner is an acid-free cleaning composition with a high cleaning capability. It is suitable for all wet room and sanitary applications. Since it is acid free it can be used daily without any harm to the sanitary ware.

• Long-lasting fragrance
• Removes skin grease, soap residues and calcium soap quickly and effectively
• Gentle on surfaces with good cleaning results
• Regular application prevents build-up of lime
• Dries without leaving streaks

Bucal G 468 is specially designed to power through tough bathroom messes; it can be either used manually or applied via machine for big tasks like cleaning bathroom floors, toilet, bathtub and water-resistant floors, waterless toilets. It cleans all areas in wet room and leaves a pleasant scent.

• Daily maintenance of wet room areas such as swimming pools, sanitary rooms, sports, and fitness facilities, changing rooms and wet cells
• Applicable on water-resistant surfaces and floors
• Especially for use in soft water areas
• Particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces such as enamel, aluminium, brass arid acid-sensitive surfaces, e.g. marble, limestone

Appearance: liquid
• Odour: perfume
• PH-value: ca. 5
• Density (25 ‘C): 1,0
• Solubility in miscibility with water: completely soluble