From fried fish to stale food, most odours in your home are easy to pinpoint. However, there are ornery aromas that linger and seem impossible to eliminate. Odour might be due to a single source or a mixture.

Exposure to unpleasant odours could result in health hazards ranging from mild discomfort to more serious symptoms/allergies. Few strong whiffs may cause eye/ nose/throat/lung irritation. If it lasts long, it also could affect mood, anxiety and stress levels too.

To tackle this problem, cleaning chemicals in housekeeping like Buz® RO Fresh Lavender BR 912 offers a quick solution which cuts the odour and releases fragrance which is long lasting. The main function of BR 912 is to eliminate unpleasant odours. It works on the basic concept that molecules are free to move throughout the air. When the fragrance is sprayed into the air, it tends to move freely and spread. Buz RO Fresh Lavender BR 912 is a ready to use product.

• Does not stain
• Ideally suitable for smoking rooms, toilets, changing rooms, sports facilities and gastronomy
• Long lasting action

Appearance: Light pink colour liquid
Odour: Characteristic
pH-value (10%): 6.50 — 8.50
Specific gravity: L000 +1- 0.1
Solubility in / miscibility with water: Miscible