Chemical-Free Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens

Making the right choice of the dish washing soap is essential not only to protect one’s hands but also the dishes and the environment at large. Many commercial kitchen cleaning supplies like dishwashing soaps in the market come with the tag of “clean-up made easy, removes grime & germs, protects health, provides pleasing natural fragrances…. and so on. 

Has anyone wondered to look at the label which provides information about the chemical composition? Has anyone explored if the chemicals used in the dishwashing soaps are safe or toxic and harmful to health? 

Imagine the aftermath of using a toxic chemical two to three times a day to wash dishes! 

What then determines the right dishwashing soap? 

Buzil-Rossari India Pvt. Ltd introduces plant-based dish washing soap with natural fragrance which does not cause any harm to skin or health of the user, their family/clients, and the environment and marine life at large. 

Planta Aloe P314 is a dishwashing liquid formulated from an ultra-concentrated formula with high degreasing qualities. A restaurant & hotel kitchen cleaner that is gentle to hands and the environment.  The effective grease-cutting dish detergent leaves dishes squeaky clean. The formula does not contain any added fragrances, making it perfect for people with chemical sensitivities.  


  • Good grease-dissolving power 
  • Suitable for manual dishwashing 
  • High foaming 
  • Dries quickly without streaks, without towelling dry 
  • Fragrance-free 
  • Eco-certified (EU Ecolabel Austria) 



  • Physical state: Liquid 
  • Odour Characteristic 
  • pH-Value (at 20 ‘C): 7,0 – 7,5 
  • Density (at 25 cC): 1,05 gicm3 
  • Viscosity / dynamic: < 700 rrilia.s (at 25 ‘C) 
  • Water solubility: Completely miscible 



  • Water-resistant surfaces and materials e.g. dishes, glasses, cutlery 
  • Ideal for use in the food industry