Laundry Operations – Working with Perfect Partners

In the hospitality industry laundry, linen management in terms of consistent whiteness and rewash values are very crucial. At Buzil Rossari we work with an innovative approach and offer quality cleaning chemicals in housekeeping to ensure linen whiteness is consistent over multiple washes, at the same time energy and water consumption are optimized to reduce undue cost and environmental sustainability, says Dr Mikhail Menezes, Sr Manager R&D, New product Development.


The major cost factor in a laundry is energy, steam, water, labour and chemicals. The comprehensive wash programs focus on all parameters with the following attributes:

  • Energy-saving – Shorter wash programs.
  • Stem saving – Low-temperature wash programs with advanced chemicals to serve with.
  • Water saving – By optimized water levels in wash cycles.
  • Labour cost – By reduced operation hours.
  • Chemicals – Chemicals cost is, however, the least among all the over factors.


However, the company ensures remaining competitive in prices with systematic and committed linen washed approached in hotel cleaning products.


At times with heavy workload in laundry the wash program audit practices go for a toss. Even a few ineffective washes can make your linen grey. Here is where a hygiene partner is of help. Buzil-Rossari with more than 150 sales & service staff PAN India. Strives to serve with the customer laundry needs in terms of products, service, audit and state of the art R & D and manufacturing facility for customized hotel cleaning products.


“We partner for a long relationship with a commitment of consistent product quality & supply, pre-scheduled service & audit visits, training and regular scientifically generated reports to let you have a hassle-free laundry operations. Partner with us to feel the difference.” 


In specific property whiteness level of Birth Linen had dropped in a range of 75-80 reflectance after about 60 wash cycles. There could have been several factors for the same. The following could have been the reasons:

  • Water quality
  • Ineffective main wash
  • Ineffective bleach for above two factors pH, water level, residual chemical content in water bath and temperature should be very specific.
  • Ineffective neutralization 


Our team was right on target with an extensive survey of the current wash program and laundry operations for gap analysis.


We implemented our wash program with automated dosing and regular monitoring of the parameters. Within 15 washes we were able to raise the whiteness levels to 82-87reflectance without any compromise on the fabric strength, also were able to deliver good energy-saving as, unlike conventional processes which require 80°C in main wash and bleach step with oxy bleach we were able to deliver a better quality at 65°C. Water levels were also optimized in the wash program and at least 10%-20% water saving was delivered.


Buzil Rossari is a preferred partner in diverse sectors for providing quality, cost-effective professional cleaning solutions like cleaning chemicals in housekeeping or hotel cleaning products