A Complete Solution for Wash Room Cleaning and Hygiene

BUZIL ROSSARI recently gained a happy customer in the high-end property segment by giving a holistic solution for wash room cleaning with G 460 Bucalex.

G 460 BUCALEX is an effective solution to descale the fixtures, wash closet and any acid resistant stone surface example vetrified tiles, granite etc.

Lime scale build up not only creates a bad impression to the guests due to aesthetics but also brings a breeding ground for the microbes with the soap deposit layers. Microbes levels are found to be higher than the standards where lime deposit is plenty which makes the wash room area unhygienic and the guests susceptible to illness. Thus, professional cleaning solutions not only help in the upkeep of these premises, but also ensure efficiency in hygiene and appropriate sanitation.                                    

G 460 Bucalex also solves the purpose to remove rust stains which might come due to high moisture and damp areas.

G 460 Bucalex is an established product that provides economic & sustainable wash room hygiene ensuring substrate safety.



  • Powerful, immediate cleaning action.
  • Excellent lime and grease removal action.
  • High viscosity ensures good adhesion on vertical surfaces, such as wall tiles and thus prolonged contact time.
  • Suitable for use with a single-disk machine.


Buzil Rossari offers superior cleaning solutions for hospitals, healthcare, facility management, laundry, disinfection, personal hygiene and special care products. Within a short span of time, Buzil Rossari has been able to win customers’ confidence by partnering with more than distribution partners and servicing customers in India & Nepal. Buzil Rossari strives to become a formidable and dependable solution provider when it comes to professional cleaning.