Industrial Cleaner

In order to make sure peak quality and optimize production, premise or working area must be clean prior to the next step in the process in an industrial set up. Thus, industrial cleaning services are of utmost importance, if not cleaned, soils, stains start accumulating on various surfaces like production equipment, floors and other work areas leading to downtime and unsafe working environments. Industrial floor cleaner also plays a vital role to prevent any haphazards in the premises as they are likely to contribute to slips, trips, and falls.

Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd offers alkaline cleaners formulated to remove the toughest soils. Our industrial cleaner will remove process lubricant oils, greases, and other general shop soils accumulated during production.

Indumaster IR 45 is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner which offer excellent cleaning of metallic parts, metallic surfaces. The alkaline cleaners are specially formulated with advanced surface-active agents who enhance the speed of cleaning and efficiency of cleaning.


  • Excellent and powerful soil removing action.
  • High dispersive capacity for greasy and oily soil.
  • Suitable for application with scrubbing dryers and high-pressure cleaning machines.


  • For cleaning alkaline-resistant materials, surfaces and floors in industrial and workshop areas.
  • Removes sooty, oily and greasy soil.
  • Especially suitable for removing rubber abrasion and graphite.
  • Cleaning machine side panels.
  • Cleaning machine body.

Technical Specification

  • Appearance: Green Liquid
  • Odour: Perfume
  • pH-value: 13.5
  • Density (25 oC): 1,05
  • Solubility in/miscibility with water: Completely soluble